Throwback Thursday: the shows kids were watching

What kids used to watch were the best shows in the world. Some of my favorite shows though were the shows my generation used to watch.

best show in the world. I used to love this show and it made me wish that fantasy stories were real.

This show was my whole childhood. When I was younger my older brother would always show me this show and we grew up on it.

This is another great throwback. Me and my brother would watch this everyday, and we would wake up super early everyday to watch this today.

If you watched this show you’re officially cool. I used to want to be a mermaid and the whole reason why is because of this show.



balloons and Tunes

Lat weekend, I went to Kanab, where i found something called Balloons and Tunes. I hadn’t known that it would be there, but I’m very happy that I had found it. In this small town in Kanab, every year the town holds a festival where they hire a band to sing, and then set up everyones hot air balloons all down the street. The all play with the fire in the ballon, and if you stand next to it an then they turn on the fire, it can definitely scare you. It is one of the coolest experiences to be that closer to a hot air ballon, and This was the first time I had ever seen a hot air balloon in person, so I was very much amazed. Then the next morning, you wake up early and then head over to former Coral Cliffs Golf Course, and then the balloons multiply be like a million. there are so many more balloons the next morning. You get to see the balloons go up in the air, and fly all around you. I would definitely recommend going to balloon and Tunes in Kanab, Utah.

Day in the life

Here is my day to day routine. most days I have swim team, but once and a while I don’t, so I just decided to add it cause I do it a lot more than i don’t do it. My days are very busy, and so I felt like sharing what I go through from day to day.

5:30-6:00: wake up, takes me like 5 minutes to function so I have to sit in my bed before doing anything

6:00-6:39- get ready for school

6:40: eat breakfast, see my mom

6:55: leave for school, My best friend picks me up

7:00:  we get to school

7:05-7:25: go to breakfast with my friends(we don’t eat food we just sit in the cafeteria)

7:30-8:31: Science, I sit by 3 of my friends at one table, and I love my teacher, so its the best class

8:36-9:37: Journalism

9:42-10:43: Math

10:48-11:49: A capella

11:54-12:19: lunch with friends (we don’t eat we just hang out outside)

12:24-1:25: English Language Arts

1;30-2:30: Utah studies

2:35-5:30: rehearsals for school play

5:40: get home from school, rest

6:00: dinner

7:00-8:00: swim team

8:15; get home, rest in my bed

11-12; go to bed, sit on Tiktok for an hour




Guess what

Guess what! i went all around my school, and I took pictures up close and then far away, and I want you to try and guess what the up close pictures are of.

  1.                          2.. 3.

.        4.

5. .     6.

7. .      8.

Answer key

1. trash bag

2. wood

3. ceiling

4. portable

5. table

6. snow

7. weird rope

8. grass


Blue pictures

These are the pictures that I took that are my favorite color. My school has a lot of color all around, but one of its main colors is blue. there is so many blue things in the school because it’s one of the main school colors, along with grey and some purple.

Gift ideas for a teen girl

1. ring set (amazon, any other store)

2.tapestries (amazon, dancing crane, lotus)

3. shoes (preferably a popular brand) (can be found on brands website)

4. Led lights (amazon)

5. film camera (amazon)

6. phone headphones (depends on what brand phone you have)(amazon, or brands website/store)

7.things from lotus (the store lotus)

8. earrings (can get them anywhere, just depends on what type of earring the person likes)


9.guitar (amazon or you can look up places that sell guitars near me)

10. phone case (amazon, casetify, or any other stores)


readers poll results

the readers poll results are in. If you have not yet taken the readers poll yet you can find it here. Many people had many different responses. Most people had similar opinions, but that does not mean that everyone had the same responses to every single question. Here are the results.

Doc Martins

One of the most popular shoe brands today, is Doc Martins. I personally love the brand, and i think they are some of the best shoes. Some of the most popular shoes there are the 1460 Women’s smooth leather Lace up boots.These are my boots, and I think they are perfect for just everyday things, and certain adventure. Another popular one that I see are the Audrick Nappa Leather platform shoes. These shoes are more for casual things, and not exactly more adventurous things. These are some of my favorite shoes, and I wish I had owned them myself. Some would say that doc Martins are a bad brad, just because they slightly hurt when you first get them, but after you wear them out, they are the best shoes to own. They are also long lasting and very good quality. i would definitely recommend investing in some Doc Martins.

20 by 20

I want to do many things in my life, but these are the top 20 things that I want to do before i’m  20.

  1. be a lead role in a play
  2. get a dog



3. get first place in a swim meet

4. get an undercut

5. have a marvel meet and greet

6. go to comicon

7. get a real plant

8. go to another harry styles concert

9. get a ton of tatoos

10. get piercings all the way up my ears

11. get a nose ring

12. go to pride

13. become fluent in Russian

14. save up to go to new Zealand with my sister

15. go to Iceland with my sister

16. learn how to make a comicon costume

17. learn self defense

18. learn how to do a backflip

19. get better at boxing

20. learn how to fix cars



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